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Tracy Brown

Where I Come From . . .

I started my career with Smith Barney in 1994 by sheer chance. I had no idea where that path would lead me. I'm happy to say it's led me "home," to Cornerstone Financial Southwest.

I've spent the last 26 years learning that this industry is built on people rather than money and that building relationships is the foundation of any successful business. The joy I've found in valuing those relationships and helping people and their families is immeasurable. I believe that the team effort everyone here at Cornerstone puts into our clients makes us all more successful. I carry that belief over into my personal life as well. As the mom of four amazing children, it takes a partnership with my fantastic husband to manage a smooth household and thriving, happy kids. If I've learned anything at all over the past 26 years, it's that teamwork really does make the dream work, and I couldn't be prouder of MY team both professional and personal.